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About FMC Technologies

MC Technologies (Corporate Headquarters)
1803 Gears Road
Houston, Texas 77067
+1 281-591-4000
+1 281-591-4102 (fax)

FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions
500 North Sam Houston Parkway West, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77067
+1 281-260-2190
+1 281-260-2191 (fax)
Multi Phase Meters AS (wholly owned subsidiary)
P.O Box 279 
Fabrikkveien 21
4066 Stavanger
+ 47 51 22 0200 
+ 47 51 220201 (fax)

Multi Phase Meters as (subsea projects) 
Kirkegårdsveien 45 
PO Box 1012 
3601 Kongsberg
+ 47 51 22 0200

Primary sales and manufacturing sites:

FMC Technologies (liquid & gas)
Regentstrasse 1
25474 Ellerbek, Germany
P.O. Box 1164
25470 Ellerbek, Germany
+49 4101-3040
+49 4101-304133 (fax)

FMC Technologies (gas)
1602 Wagner Avenue
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510
+1 814-898-5000
+1 814-899-8927 (fax)


FMC Technologies, through its Measurement Solutions division, is a leading supplier of flow measurement and control products to the petroleum industry. The company’s products and engineering include a comprehensive range of blending, transfer, metering, production, and loading systems. The firm’s flowmeter portfolio features products from a proud heritage including Smith Meter® and F.A. Sening®. FMC Technologies and operates 27 production facilities in 16 countries and has installed more than 2000 systems in 100 countries.

History and Organization

FMC Technologies traces its roots to 1884 when inventor John Bean developed a new type of spray pump for his orchard and started the Bean Spray Pump Company. Mergers in the late 1920s with makers of food processing equipment and cannery machinery for vegetables resulted in the need for new name – Food Machinery Corporation (FMC). In 1961 the company changed its name to FMC Corporation.

Measurement Solutions has a strong history of more than 80 years of supplying measurement equipment to the oil and gas industry. Erie Meter, founded in 1926, was the first manufacturer of electric service station pumps. The company later developed the Smith Meter turbine and positive displacement flowmeters. Development of these two product types has continued through to today, and Smith Meter brand products are currently manufactured in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1995, FMC Technologies acquired Smith Meter and Moorco Inc., adding to its portfolio of measurement equipment that included Kongsberg Metering and F.A. Sening. It later acquired PECO Flow Measurement of Texas, complementing the offering with gas products. The combined products and services were then reorganized to become the Measurement Solutions division of FMC Technologies. 

Measurement Solutions’ ultrasonic product offering began with gas ultrasonic technology in the early nineties. Its first commercial meter was delivered to Statoil in 1993. The second generation of technology was introduced in 1999 followed by a third generation of transmitter electronics with enhanced signal processing in 2002. That same year FMC restructured the company into two separate, publicly traded companies, a machinery business (FMC Technologies) and a chemicals business (FMC Corporation).

In 2007, the company released its liquid ultrasonic meter for custody transfer of crude oil enhancing the existing liquid ultrasonic offering for refined product measurement. 

In October 2009, FMC acquired Multi Phase Meters AS (MPM) based in Stavanger, Norway. MPM was known for the development and manufacturing of high-performing multiphase flowmeters. The MPM product line was expected to combine with FMC's Increased Oil Recovery (IOR) portfolio of technologies to offer a broader range of solutions for oil and gas customers.

Manufacturing performed by FMC Measurement Solutions is in compliance with ISO Q9001-2000 specifications.

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